About Us

TENDRÉ was born out of a desire to bring effortless styles that consistently reflect a fun and mint look for every occasion. In 2015, our founder, Alejandra Del Giudice, realized her dream of launching a brand that would take her desires from a fun idea to reality. TENDRÉ took its first steps in the Dominican Republic’s fashion industry, leaving its mark in the hearts of thousands of loyal customers throughout the next three (3) years. In 2019, TENDRÉ has taken on the challenge of bringing its unique take on fashion to the United States via the launch of our new website. 

At TENDRÉ, we strongly believe in fashion’s ability to reflect how we view the world and how we want the world to view us. Our hand picked selection of unique pieces that can be mixed and matched, allows  #TENDRELovers to tell a new story on a daily basis through their style.

We love to inspire and keep in touch with our #TENDRELovers through our social media platforms, while reflecting our vision through our photos.